Memorial High School Class of 1959
Home of the Old Abes --- Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Transcript from the 50th Reunion Program

Presented by:  Larry Bennett, John Glenz, Bette Mencel Wahl, and Kathy Turney Schellfeffer



1. Mary Catlin Giammona:  describes herself as a grey-haired senior citizen who is selling real estate. She remembers trying out and getting a part in the senior play, “Curtain Going Up,” her only claim to fame as an actress.


2. Margaret Stelter Barton:  lives in Arlington, Texas which all of you know is the home of the Dallas Cowboys - she keeps busy volunteering and traveling.


3. Karen Zutter Jorgensen:  has been reconnecting with childhood friends along with new friendships.  She remembers loving football games and dances at Fournier’s.


4. James Byron Wold:  enjoys traveling, walking, biking, bowling, dancing, and attending theater and movies.  He has great memories of his 1950 customized Chevy.


5. Jerry Wing:  remembers running track practice along Clairemont Avenue, down State Street hill to the University when there were more runners than cars!               


6. David Webster:  continues to do interim ministry and visitation work.


7. Donna Walker Neuman:  rocked in her grandfather’s rocking chair when on trips to Norway.  Her memories include cheerleading and bus trips to away games.


8. Sharon Vorce Hanson:  is involved in mission projects in Mexico and Costa Rica. She is a beginning quilter.


9. Karen Anderson Whitted:  has worked in an EC dental office in Eau Claire for 25 years.  She enjoys singing in the Sweet Adeline’s, which took her to international competition. She remembers “Pep Rallies” led by Cy Berg.


10. Louis  Arnold:  retired after 45 years of research in theoretical physics.  He continues to enjoy amateur radio. He remembers falling asleep in Ms. Berg’s Latin class and sleeping through the bell.


11. Mark Atkinson:  loves old automobiles and owns old Jaguars and a Willy’s military jeep.


12. Barbara Back Johnson:  is semi-retired and working two days a week in the beauty shop in Mondovi.  She recalls swimming classes at the Y and walking back to school with frozen hair.


13. Joan Clarke Mueller:  a recent retiree, is living on Lake Vermillion, MN. She enjoys horseback riding, snowmobiling and traveling.


14. Dona Bjerke Machnik:  winters in Texas. She loves quilting as a hobby.


15. Bob Bjerke:  enjoys a big n-scaled model railroad layout in his basement & driving a “Big Ol’ Truck.”  He was introduced to the Eau Claire Police while in rocket club, accidently fired one, which crossed the Lee St. playground, landing into the side of somebody’s house.


16. Paul Blom:  stays connected with the church through coaching and consulting work. Baseball and football games, especially the Astros and the Texans give him enjoyment.


17. Arlett Borens Schuster:  has recently moved from Sand Lake to Bloomer…What a job! Riding the train to Madison for the state tournaments brings back fond memories.


18. Joy Borum:  enjoys outdoor activities and recently watched her 93-year-old mother win a golf tournament.  She remembers standing on State Street listening to guys “rap their pipes” all the way down the hill…Those were the days!! 


19. Nancy Bunch Falkner:  had a wonderful trip to Austria for a family reunion and then went on to Prague and Venice.


20. Jane Close Christoffersen:  lives in Texas and enjoys cruises to Panama and Hawaii.


21. Steve Dennis:  enjoys traveling, gardening, making horseradish pickles, pickled fish, kraut, and lots of soups and unique wines.


22. Sue Drury Spellman:  has moved her winter quarters to Arizona after Katrina wiped out her condo in MS.  Her memories include skipping band practice and going to the Crossroads for breakfast.  Her mother never found out, but we sent a letter to her kids telling them what she had done.


23. Judy Finn Schmidt:  loves traveling. She has fond memories of slumber parties, tobogganing, Fournier’s, state basketball tournaments and rock and roll. 


24. Carolyn Gabrielsen Barstad:  has retired from her retirement job at the Paul Bunyan Museum. She recalls walking over the Grand Ave. Bridge from home to school…multiple times each day!


25. Dave Gibson:  has traveled the world including cruises to Alaska, the Panama Canal and up the Amazon River.


26. John Glenz:  winters in the south, where he does some serious golfing.  AND he remembers having fun raiding lover’s lane in a 1939 Chevrolet with a flashing light on top.


27. Sally Goss Hansen:  enjoys life with classmates & family and is already looking forward to the 75th reunion.


28. Katherine Gunderson Lamovec:  enjoys living ON Lake Wissota.  She works part time at Realife Cooperative of Eau Claire.


29. Jim Hagen:  drove a bus for Mickey Mouse in Florida before moving back to Texas where presently he is a school bus driver.  He remembers riding his motorcycle in one door and out the other of Memorial High School and not getting caught.


30. Jean Hanson Parr:  keeps connected with high school classmates, meets with them for parties at various homes celebrating birthdays. If anyone would like directions to Foster, WI-ask Jean!  She will get you there in TWO hours!


31. Richard Jarosch:  retired from 40 years of teaching chemistry. He remembers the great basketball teams of the 50’s.


32. Joyce Jensen Lindner:  is currently manager of an imported antiques gallery in Minneapolis.  She invites everyone to come and visit.


33. Judy A. Johnson Kneer:  works part time at Lake Hallie Golf Course which was originally started by her aunt and uncle..  She finally finished crocheting a tablecloth she started 20 years ago!


34. Marylin Johnson Howard:  is working at the number one hamburger place in United States.  According to her it’s Culvers.


35. Sonja Johnson Backstrom:  winters in South Padre Island, TX and each year returns to Augusta for fishing. She recalls all the great high school friends.


36. Craig Jones:  had a part in Tomah, WI Bi-centennial theater production titled “Tomah in Review”, the first…and last…. of his acting career.


37. Julie Krause Renz:  remembers singing in the Memorial choir and all the friendships made throughout her HS years.


38. Don Larson:  enjoys bicycling and has logged over 14,000 miles in the past 6 years.


39. Greg Larson: is enjoying his recent retirement by traveling to Washington DC, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.


40. Marjorie Lee McCartney:  recalls the HS dances, basketball games and meeting at the lockers everyday for a quick chat before homeroom.


41. Sharon Leskinen Miller:  has traveled to Alaska for a family wedding.  She spends her time with family, volunteering and bowling.


42. Virginia Lippin Drath:  worked 48 years as a LPN, now is an on-call nurse.  Since moving back to Wisconsin she is milking cows on a small dairy farm, enjoying some golf, biking, gardening, and just sitting on the porch. 


43. Lynn Loken:  continues to be in the AGRI business. He sells & manages farm and ranch real estate & he also has his pilot’s license.


44. Steve Loken:  is our reunion web master and does a great job.  He has volunteered in a local hospice program in Minnesota.  He remembers returning with classmates from Eau Claire Lake on skip day when his car had mechanical troubles and gave Dave Hulett an earful of gasoline.


45. Sharon Markle Bloch:  worked as a picture framer for 18 years before she retired two years ago.  She recalls slumber parties, games and dances at Fournier’s.


46. Mary Mierow Blakeley:  completed an addition to their home over a three-year period. How are you faring with all the bears???


47. Bob Nelson:  organizes and conducts estate sales, meets with HS friends and enjoys wine tasting.


48. Nancy Olsen Lewis:  has been busy tapping a maple tree in the backyard and making syrup. She travels extensively, and she has attended elder hostels while traveling to St. Louis and New Orleans.


49. Laurel Olson Schilling:  owns and trains Shelties in addition to computer troubleshooting for friends.  Now we know where to go when we have computer problems!


50. Marcia Olson Hamilton:  has been traveling the USA & abroad.  She is active doing research on her Norwegian heritage.


51. Mary Olson Hoard:  retired recently as a travel agent which entitled her to travel many countries and most of the USA.  There is a picture of Mary and Len Friede with President Nixon on our web site.


52. Betty Patrow Hellman:  is researching her heritage and has made four trips to Sweden to visit relatives.  She has built a new home in Sparta but spends her winters in Yuma, AZ.


53. Julie Patton Sorrel:  also winters in Yuma, AZ - playing card games, dancing, shuffle board and taking lots of trips.


54. Jon Paulson:  tried singing karaoke and became hooked on it.  He also loves bowling, golfing and has been driving a school bus for 15 years.


55. Betty Pendergast Bowe:  joined the Eau Claire Senior Center and took line dancing and computer lessons.  She recalls being in the water ballet at the Eau Claire Country Club when we were in high school. 


56. Bill Perry:  continues to farm a little and became certified in organic farming in 2006. 


57. Lonnie Peterson Perry: retired from ambulance EMT but still is certified as a first responder.  In school, Lonnie and Bill were in the same homeroom…50 years later, they are still in the same Home Room.


58. Dave Rude:  continues to collect and restore antique telephones.  He and his wife, Barbara Preston Rude have completed several cross country trips on their Harley.  They live in the “banana belt of South Dakota.  Hmmmmmm…I didn’t know bananas were grown in South Dakota.


59. Dave Rasmussen:  after retiring for the “final” time, took a three-month trip in a fifth wheeler to Alaska.  He has built a new home in Rainbow, TX. His memory: He and a buddy would sneak his dad’s new ’56 Ford for a ride around town.


60. Louise Reseld Wakem:  is a Master Gardener in Arizona.  She chairs a committee for the Heard Indian Museum annual Indian Market.  After a forest fire in 2004, she coordinated a volunteer program to replace over 350,000 trees. 


61. Verne Schellfeffer:  enjoys expanding his perennial flower garden and working part time at a greenhouse.


62. Tom (or Red) Schwartz):  enjoys daily walks, swimming, fishing and reading. He sustained a back injury in sophomore basketball and Mrs. La Due kept him up to date on studies while classmates offered encouragement. 


63. Dorothy Solie:  gives significant time to local/state/national adult literacy issues.  Dorothy spoke for all of us when she stated Memorial High School provided a good educational foundation.


64. Darlene Stevens Johnson:  after 60 years of wearing glasses, had cataract surgery, and now only has to wear them for reading!  She does volunteer work and is organist at her church.


65. Bob Tarbox:  is a golf rules official. He remembers the football games, band concerts and hanging out at Kresge’s on the four corners after school.                     


66. Jeanette Torgrimson Perry:  is still working but has made several trips around the United States.


67. Kathy Turney Schellfeffer:  retired as the Meals on wheels Coordinator for Eau Claire County in 2006. Friends, Fournier’s and sports are some of her best HS memories.


68. Fred Turk:  is enjoying his small farm, haying, and raising a few animals. He serves as a township firefighter and as a first responder to EMS calls in the Town of Brunswick. 


69A. Curt Tweith:  has now made Arizona his year- round home.  He remembers dances at the Moose, the Elks Masonic Temple, the old Badger Theater and Fournier’s. 


69B. Vic Rebeck:  flew to Arizona from Hawaii, and the two of them (Curt and Vic) drove to Eau Claire for the reunion.  That must have been quite trip.  Curt’s wife chose to fly to EC.  That was a good idea, Nancy.


70. James Van Gorden:  recently retired from teaching and coaching in Bloomer and enjoys gardening, fishing and spending time with family.


71. John Coggins:  is an equipment specialist for Reinhart Food Service and was instrumental in procuring the Miller Beer Welcome signs for the reunion.


72. John Schaaf:  is the class treasurer and is involved in a capital campaign to build a new YMCA in Eau Claire.


These three classmates, Jim VanGordon, John Coggins and John Schaaf  were recently inducted into the Memorial High School Athletic Hall of Fame.


73. Paul Anderson:  Atlanta is home for Paul and he works at a golf course.


74. Betsy Draper:  is recovering from back surgery. She asks that we remember her by putting her name on an empty chair.


75. Walter Mooney:  now drives charter bus tours in the summer and then winters in south Texas.  He once was penalized in English class for falling asleep and was charged “pew rent.”


76. Steve Stolp:  lives in Arkansas and winters in Florida with thoughts of $.25 gasoline, $.15 hamburgers, the Hoot and white buck shoes.


77. Bonnie Bolier Curtis:  took her first trip to California but won’t give up Wisconsin winters.  She has great memories of Carson Park football games and after game dances.                                       


78. Jim Aeby:  loves golf, has lived in Stevens Point for 40 years and has traveled extensively worldwide.


79. John Baker:  enjoys motor homing throughout the southwest and other parts of the USA.  He continues to work on his retirement home south of Eau Claire.


80. Gail Dean Halmstad:  is supervising student teachers for UWEC, School of Education.  Retirement has allowed her to seek many new challenges.


81. Joan Gunderson Cassata:  has moved to Fort Myers, FL but still camps at a Birchwood resort in WI every summer and states HAPPINESS is a husband, children, grandchildren to love… Many of us can relate to that.


82. Gary Jackson:  and his wife have recently retired and enjoy living in Cheerie Valley, Illinois.


83. Leah LaPage Turk:  does volunteer work at her church but finds time to hunt, fish and have a beer.


84. Ronald Lorge:  is unable to attend the 50th as he will be working on his “Bucket List” on an extended road trip to Malibu, CA and points thereabout with his son.


85. Sharon Nicolai Holm:  spends winters in Arizona, summers in Hudson, WI.  Her family enjoys climbing mountains together.  Have you and your family accepted the challenge of Mt. Simon and Mt. Tom?


86. Lloyd “Smokie” Sorenson:  is in the tractor parts business and recently went into a partnership with his son-in-law to build townhouses in Iowa.


87. Bob Turk:  is still playing ball for the United Seniors of Wisconsin which has won 2 world tournaments!  He still has time to do some fishing and hunting…Life is GOOD.


88. Larry Bradford:  says that after thirty years of playing Santa Claus, he doesn’t need the fake beard anymore.  He recalls unzipping the back window of his ‘50s Ford convertible to carry his tuba to Friday night football games.  Now that’s one big OOOHGA horn!!                              


89. Bill Jensen:  after a lifetime in road construction now enjoys building and flying model airplanes, gardening and refurbishing caterpillar tractors.


90. George N. Long:  retired from the US Army Reserve and is living in Hilton Head Island, SC.  He presently is a CPA, which brings him to WI twice a year to assist clients.  He enjoys golfing.


91. Bette Mencel Wahl:  works in the EC Police Department. She exhibits her watercolor and landscape paintings in juried art shows. Her favorite memory is meeting and marrying Eric, her high school sweetheart.


92. Janet Quiqq Luttrell and her husband Eric:  have lived in eight locations, including Alaska and London.  She has “ taught some and volunteered a lot.” Their daughters call her a “Professional friend maker.”  They retired to Portland and winter in Texas.  Eric has a one-acre perennial flower garden.


93. Ruth Reid Dodswell:  taught for 42 years.  She retired in 2006 and lives in Florida.


94. Pat Schofield Soley  and husband John Soley retired from their respective jobs, became bored and returned back to the work force.  Both enjoy snowmobiling.


95. Karen Sletner Schick:  and her husband have become “snow Birds” the last five years in Texas.  They have traveled extensively to other countries and many U.S states. 


96. Linda Solberg Flaten:  is a crossing guard for the E. C. School District and likes her job and seeing the kids.


97. Tom Rawlings:  rides snowmobiles and motorcycles and just enjoys the great outdoors while Bev Van Gorder Rawlings enjoys gardening in the summer and crocheting in the winter.


98. Betty Ziehlsdorff Olson:  has done some traveling, including a “girls’ trip” to Tuscany, Italy and sampling many wines.  She enjoys summers at Balsam Lake.  She recalls playing countless games of canasta.


99. Barb Harmon Fleming:  retired from a brilliant nursing career in 2004. Although living in CA, she has always volunteered to help with our reunions.


100. Dave Hulett:  is involved in volunteer civic projects in Florida. He remembers playing in the State High School Basketball Tournament and the disappointment of not making it to the championship game.


101. Darlene Kelly Kaul:  has a home in Florida and a “condo” in Eau Claire. She remembers Marshall Wick and Pearl Landfair as special teachers in high school.


102. Anita Olson Hildebrandt:  majored in business administration, was a loan processor and sold real estate.  Despite the many ups and downs of life, Anita speaks for many of us by saying that we have been blessed with a good life.


103. Jim Rude:  built a retirement home in Minocqua in the heart of Wisconsin’s north woods.  His Portuguese Water Dog, Bella keeps him active and looking forward to adventures ahead.


104. Karilyn Sorenson Allen:  moved back from California where she worked for NASA.  She now lives in Altoona and is presently working for Realife Cooperative of Eau Claire.


105. Bill Sparley:  can’t be with us because his daughter is ill and he and his wife are taking care of grandchildren at this time.


106. Gary J. Thompson:  is now living in Tennessee enjoying the wonderful climate and nearness to year-round golf.


107. Stephen L. Akey:  is also living in Tennessee.  Steven was on the “missing” list for many years. We are very happy to have made contact with him.


108. Tom Garnett:  is still running a business from North Carolina and Michigan. He said he can’t believe he graduated 50 years ago.


109. Deryl Winrich:  retired from civil service technician positions and now lives on a farm in the Eau Claire area.


110. Judy Christeson Atkinson:  after many years in the nursing profession is presently living in Eau Claire providing care for her mother.


111. Dave Hoffe:  enjoys his hobby of working on motorized vehicles with four cars, two mopeds, one motorcycle…and a partridge in a pear tree!!


112. Janet Quick Sellers: takes trips to national parks.  She enjoys reading historical novels about WWII.  Look for her at Mogie’s in the future.


113. Sandi Wickham Poppe:  has not let any grass grow under her feet since retiring.  She has traveled extensively to places throughout the world.  She took training in Health and Hygiene in Tanzania and hiked the Swiss Alps.


114. Diane Blakely Boetcher:  has retired after twenty years with the city of Eau Claire and now enjoys lunches at Mogie’s with classmates. In the past, she enjoyed cruises with her husband.


115. Richard Clark:  has been in the insurance business for 42 years and continues to enjoy hunting and fishing.


116. Ron Hoepner:  finds it hard to believe that 50 years have gone by so quickly. He now enjoys his grandchildren and time at the family cabin.


117. Darlene Kosmosky Plemon:  has retired from a long and successful career at 3M.  Now she enjoys quilting as well as traveling and enjoying life to the fullest.


118. Fred Nelson:  and his wife each have 50th reunions this year.  He continues to live and work in Madison and occasionally passes through Eau Claire on his way to the family cabin.


119. Oscar Peterson’s career as an electrical and telecom engineer gave him the opportunity to travel throughout the country.  He now enjoys volunteering and model railroading.  Ask him about his current project involving the Eau Claire area.  It has something to do with railroading!!


120. Marilyn Severson Lee:  won a sewing award she proudly received in her Sr. year.  It probably gave her the skills to make most of her seven children’s clothing.  WOW!


121. Shirley Smith Dahl:  considers herself very lucky for the life she has had.  After she and her husband retired they traveled extensively.  Her interests now are her family, her flower gardens and scrapbooking.


122. Mercedes Thompson Krogstad:  continues to practice in her profession as a dental hygienist.  She keeps busy serving as a speaker to the American Dental Association and the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. Mercedes is enjoying her family, golfing and world travel.


123. Rose Sosnowski LaPoint:  spends most of her free time attending grandchildren’s sports activities.


124. In 1958 Jeff Smith:  loaded a tractor into his pickup, drove to school & plowed a furrow around the new Memorial High School, so they could plant pine tree’s.  He also made a “hog house” in AG class and hauled it home behind his truck. I bet that drew some attention from other motorists.


125. Phillip Melby:  has retired from a career in construction, including projects with NSP.  He enjoys watching sports, especially football and boxing.


126. Jane Fjelstad Eastenson:  enjoying sporting events their grand children are involved in.


127. Keith Jorgensen:  is selling Medicare supplement insurance. Any classmate looking for a good deal on Medicare insurance – see Keith.


128. Marylane Lueck Whalen:  can be found on Lake Chetek fishing during the summer.


129. Vernett Peterson:  finished a career as helicopter pilot, officer, doing duty on various ships. After retiring from the Navy he joined EC Police Dept. serving 36 years as Patrol Lieutenant.  I wonder if he ever ticketed me?


130. Barbara Schroeder Brandt:  early in her married life was fortunate to have lived in Saudi Arabia and Beirut, Lebanon where her daughter was born. She has retired and moved back to EC to care  for her mother.


131A. Lois Freeman:  took extended classes to enhance her skills in helping, supporting & working with the elderly.


131B. Jerilynn Hanson:  loves to travel in the USA and abroad.  After living in San Francisco for 16 years she decided to return to the Midwest.  She is happy to be living in Minneapolis.


132. Earl White:  was on the deceased list for many years, was found, and is proof the dead do rise again, living in Black River Falls.  Earl extends his good wishes and greetings to everyone at the reunion.


133. Nancy Anderson Johnson:  was in the education field of teaching for 25 years.  You can always tell when Nancy is around because of her infectious laugh!      


134. Tom Lake:  after 35 years at Auto Glass Specialties, he now works part time as a courier for Luther Midelfort.


135. Barbara Pendergast Thompson:  is still a native Eau Claire resident and spends much of her time at grandchildren’s sporting events.


136. Barbara Bair Saba:  sings and introduces barbershop style singing to various countries. She makes fused glass pendants, and if you are lucky, you may win one as a door prize.


137. Dave Hennig:  spent a lifetime in the auto business and now enjoys restoring antique gas engines. 


138. “Nub” Kohlhepp:  worked hard, played hard, grew old and retired!


139. Captain Jim Kosmo:  lives in Bayport, Minnesota and has his own fleet of cruise boats on the Mississippi River.


140. Pat Severson Jensen:  sews and donates fleece caps to the Cancer Unit at Sacred Heart Hospital.


141. DiAnn Thorson Larrive:  retired and moved back to Eau Claire from North St Paul.


142. Kay Furrer:  is alerting the class she is moving back to Eau Claire.  After directing her last show for the Looking Glass Theatre she will return in 2010.  “Dolly’s back in town!"


143. Karen Garton Miller:  lives in Shawnee, KS and leads tours around the US.


144. Sandy Olson Vincent:  retired after 25 years at the Pentagon’s Department of Defense.  She and her military spouse travel the world.  They visit Wisconsin once a year for the air show.


145. Wayne Surguy:  treasures the experience of walking across England with his sons Jeremy and Jamison.


146. Jayne Gore Emerson:  is a part time psychologist in a private clinic.  She enjoys art, yoga and cooking for her family.


147. Lyle Smith: lives in Colorado and enjoys classic cars and horses.


148. Curt Hutchens:  still practices medicine at St. Luke’s Hospital Urology Associates since 2004.  He has run several marathons and skied the Birkebeiner for many years.  He and his wife take bicycle vacations.  Their goal is to bicycle in Europe when he retires.


149. Frances Larson Kelly:  attended the 25th reunion with Sally Goss as her date and hopes everyone has a great time at the 50th.


150. Roger Biegel:  lives in Eleva and decided to come to the reunion after stopping at Mogie’s for lunch recently and reconnecting with ’59 classmates.


151. Linda Golle Livingston:  and husband, Jerry, moved from Florida to Bensenville, IL near Chicago last year.  She can’t be here but invites anyone who comes to the area to visit her.


152. Tom DeMars:  and his wife, Juanita, moved back to Eau Claire, and they now live on Union Street where Tom grew up.


153. Jerry Haddeman:  has come all the way from Dawsonville, GA to be here tonight.


154. Lynn Preston:  worked his way through college by playing guitar in a band.  Along the way he met Tommy and Waylon Gennings and their friendship opened up many opportunities for Lynn in the music business which he has been involved in for the last 45 years.


155. Sharon Beighley Mortenson:  is retired, bought 2 horses and has taken up trail riding.  Her fond memories are of the football games, basketball games and the band trip to New York.


156. Judy Klawiter Amundson:   joined her husband as a Kiwanis member and has traveled to 24 international Kiwanis conventions throughout the US and the world. She enjoyed playing in the high school band and was inspired by a high school teacher to pursue a degree in home economics.


157. Larry Bennett:  after retiring drove a tour bus then “graduated” to driving a school bus.  Sarge Boyd and the band playing the “Stars and Stripes Forever” are some of his favorite memories of high school.


158. Kathy Smith Buchholz:  studied Chinese at UWEC so she could understand the language when she took a visit to Taiwan to visit friends.  She enjoys bicycling and kayaking. She remembers Sarge Boyd, the concert band and the predawn practices at Carson Park.


159. Erma Jean White Wold:  continues serving as a Lay Chaplin and being a grandmother to her four grandchildren. She fondly remembers the high school band trip to New York.


160. Mark Hanson:  and his wife after retirement keep busy raising horses, hay, and rainbow trout.  In his spare time he co-chairs a group who is working to restore a 150-year-old church. Like so many of our classmates, he remembers being part of Sarge Boyd’s band program where not only music was taught, but perseverance!  He recalls being lucky enough to visit Sarge before he died to thank him for all he had done for students.  We all will remember the great music by the Memorial HS band directed by Sarge Boyd.  



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