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Karen Garton Miller's Published Book

Whoo Hoo, Halleluiah, Praise the Lord or whatever expression you use when you experienced an accomplishment that was special to you.  Mine was something I NEVER planned but just kind of got swept along into it.  Many years ago, as I was reading through the Gospels, I really wanted to get Jesus' ministry in chronological order and combine the stories that more than one apostle wrote.  I just kept flipping from one book to another whenever I found the story in different books.  THEN, I discovered a book Ralph had...The Harmony of the Gospels  which put Jesus' life down in chronological order.  Little by little I began the slow process of putting the gospels in chronological order and combining the stories.  Ralph was my proof reader because that is not something I do well.  When he finished, I saw and heard joy in his eyes and heart.  Others saw the book and asked about getting a copy.  I considered going to Kinko's and putting a book together but kept putting it off.  Eventually, after many twists and turn, I found a publisher.  I was such a novice that working with them until a book was ready also took a long long time.  BUT, Following Jesus' Daily Footsteps is now on AMAZON and BARNES AND NOBLE.  If you choose to look for it, search by the title rather than my name.  There are too many Karen Millers.

There is a table of contents for each of the apostle's book and a table of contents for each activity.

         All scriptures are printed in color to make it easy to know which apostle is talking as well as easily see which of the four apostles have written.

         Each paragraph is titled with the exact Scripture written below the title for further research if one wishes.

         Any quotes the apostles use from the Old Testament is in yet a different color with it's reference included.

         When more than one apostle tells the same story but remembers it differently, a slash (/) is used and both are included in the text.

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