Memorial High School Class of 1959
Home of the Old Abes --- Eau Claire, Wisconsin


THE 1958 Kodak

To view The 1958 Kodak,  you'll need Adobe Reader which is likely already on your computer. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can get it free on the internet. When viewing The 1958 Kodak, remember to use the "zoom in" and "zoom out" features of Adobe Reader. You should be able to zoom to about 250% before the quality starts to degrade significantly. You can also save parts of The 1958 Kodak onto your own computer so you don't have to connect to the internet each time you want to look at The 1958 Kodak.  To get started, click on the link below that you are interested in. Or, you can download the desired file directly to your computer by "right clicking" your mouse as it hovers over the desired link, and selecting "Save Target As..." if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. (People using a dial-up connection will have to wait a number of minutes while the requested sections download to their computers.)


First Part

The Cover, End Pages, Title Page, Prologue, &
Table of Contents; (file size: 0.75 megabytes)


pages 5―10; (size: 0.9 MB)

Social Studies,
  Business & English

pages 11―22; (size: 1.9 MB)

Math & Science

pages 23―29; (size: 1.0 MB)


pages 30―48; (size: 3.3 MB)


pages 49―56; (size: 1.3 MB)

Vocational Arts

pages 57―64; (size: 1.2 MB)


pages 65―74: (size: 1.6 MB)

Sophomores pages 75―86: (size: 1.9 MB)


pages 87―96; (size: 1.6 MB)




pages 97―102;  (size: 0.9 MB)


pages 103―108; (size: 0.8 MB)

    Ge―R. Kappus

pages 109―114; (size: 0.8 MB)

    W. Kappus―H. Nelson

pages 115―120; (size: 0.8 MB)

    R. Nelson―So

pages 121―126; (size: 0.8 MB)


pages 127―133; (size: 1.0 MB)

Veterans Memorial pages 134―135; (size: 0.3 MB)


pages 136―137; (size: 0.3 MB)


pages 138―146; (size: 2.2 MB)

Kodak Supplement

16 pages; (file size: 2.5 MB)





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