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Later Years

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In August 2016, several of our classmates were invited to the home of Kathy and Verne Schellfeffer's daughter for a "Sunflower Party. Appearing in the photo (follow the link) are:  Mary Haas Muldoon, Sally Goss, Pris Gram Kuehn, Kathey Turney Schellfeffer, Verne Schellfeffer, Carolyn Gabrielsen Barstad, and Kathy Dennis.
(Click here to view photo.)


Here is an article about Harry Gibbs, written by Ron Buckli, which appeared in the Leader-Telegram
June 17, 2013. Click here to read it.


This picture of Donna Walker Neuman, Shirley Pederson Smith, and Kathey Turney Schellfeffer was taken during a visit to Shirley's home in Duluth on May 26th, 2013. The three were friends at Boyd School, and in Junior High. Shirley's family moved to Marshfield in the summer of 1955, and she graduated with the Marshfield HS class of 1959. Shirley has fond memories of her grade school and Junior High teachers and many friends. You will find their pictures in a number of the Boyd School photos on our website.


Our classmate Larry Bradford, has received the "Jefferson Award" for his many years of volunteering. Congratulations, Larry! There is more online here.


Our classmate, Carolyn Gabrielsen Barstad, was interviewed by the Chippewa Valley Museum about her family's experience with polio when her sister, Faye, was stricken with the disease in 1955. The interview has been posted on the ChippePedia website. You can read the interview by following this link.


Our classmate, Jim Kosmo, has written an award-winning book describing the amazing recovery of Minnesota National Guard soldier, John Kriesel. Read the article from the Leader-Telegram, and visit for more information. Congratulations, Jim!


Read the article which appeared in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram on September 28, 2011 reporting
John Glenz's two holes-in-one.


Read an article which appeared in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram on September 14, 2011 remembering Tom Garnett, Al Perry, and John Zurbachen.


This photo of classmate and picketer, Bob Nelson, appeared in the Leader-Telegram April 3, 2011, and formerly was on our Bulletin Board page. It has been moved here.


Kay Furrer hosted a 70th Class Birthday Party in the community room of her apartment complex
June 10, 2011. Click here for a photo.


Classmate Bette Mencel Wahl is retiring after 17 years of youth crime prevention work. Read the article which appeared in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram. (page 1, and page 2)


Louie Arnold writes about his chance meeting with Tryg Ager in 1988:


By way of background, in summer 1988, I attended a "Conference on Computers in  Physics Instruction" at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. Mary Jo and I traveled there by car, and did some sightseeing on the way. At that time, the use of microcomputers in physics classes was just beginning. This was before Windows, the Interned, email, and Googling. Most of the education physics software was in Basic.


Imagine my surprise on reading the conference program when I came across the name Tryg Ager. As I recall, Tryg was involved in a major project at Stanford to develop microcomputer based calculus instruction. The reason he was at the conference is that the methodologies in physics and mathematics are quite similar.


I got in touch with Tryg, and Mary Jo, Tryg, and I went out for dinner and spent an enjoyable evening together. As you can see from the photo, we are identically attired in khakis and blue button down collar shirts. This is the uniform for scientists at summer "camp."


I am quite sure this was the first time I had seen Tryg since 1959, and I haven't seen him since - a chance encounter on our separate paths in life.


Classmate Karen Garton Miller vacationed in Hawaii in February 2010 with her husband, Ralph. While there, they visited classmate Vic Rebeck and his significant other, Gretchen, in Captain Hook, HI.  The photos show the house that Vic drew the plans for and which he and Gretchen built. They rent the house to visitors.


Vic, Karen and Gretchen


Judy Bonnin Steinke furnished these photos.

Linda Miles Neibauer, Sharon Jacobson Bobeck, Rose Sosnouski LaPoint, Judy Bonnin Steinke--1993

Linda Miles Neibauer, Rose Sosnouski LaPoint, Judy Bonnin Steinke--1997

Judy Bonnin Steinke, Sharon Jaconbson Bobeck, Linda Miles Neibauer, Shirley Smith Dahl, Pat Severson Jensen


October 2008

Dorothy Sorlie and her husband, Jim Urness, are Pro Literacy consultants, and very active in Literacy Volunteers of America. In October 2008 the Leader-Telegram posted a notice recognizing them both as "Health Literacy Stars" in connection with Health Literacy Month.

September 2008

This billboard along Starr Avenue in Eau Claire, with a picture of Mary Catlin Giamonna, is an advertisement for good schools in Eau Claire. It is sponsored by the Wisconsin Education Association Council.


Steve "Lugger" Dennis and his wife, Kathy,  flew to Vemont in September 2008  to visit their son. Then they drove to York, Maine to visit Bob and Cookie Tarbox. Bob and Cookie took them on a coastal tour of York, and then out for lunch. Here are three pictures they sent for the website.


May 17, 2008

Carolyn Gabrielsen Barsted carries the Norwegian flag while marching in a parade at Lake Street Methodist Church for the Syttende Mai event she helped to organize for the Waldemar Ager Foundation.

Sally Goss-Hansen and
Peter Hansen on their Harley
 at  Mogie's, May 2008

Kathy Turney Schellfeffer and
Betty Pendergast Bowe
in Sarasota, FL (Feb. 2008)



 On Christmas Day, 2006, The Leader-Telegram printed a story featuring classmate Larry Bradford volunteering for Meals on Wheels during the holiday season. What the article doesn't say is that classmate Kathy Turney Schellfeffer, who retired in late December as director of the "Meals on Wheels" program in Eau Claire, had as her last task in that office to arrange for publicity for this event.

Click here to read the article.


John Coggins, John Schaaf, and Harry Gibbs were inducted into the Eau Claire Old Abe Athletic Hall of Fame the weekend of September 22-23, 2006. An article on this event appeared in the Leader-Telegram on September 17, 2006. Click here to read the article (PDF format). You can also view the 2006 Inductees Brochure (PDF). Learn more about the Athletic Hall of Fame. The pictures from the parade, banquet & MHS game were supplied by Dave Hulett.

Coach Harry Gibbs

John Schaaf & John Coggins

MHS Marching Band


John & Nancy Schaaf

Geri & John Coggins

Hud Gelein, John Coggins & John Schaaf

John Coggins, Coach Gibbs, Dave Hulett & John Schaaf at the Friday game.

John Coggins
receiving award

John Schaaf
receiving award




 May, 2005

Helping to celebrate the 64th birthdays of Priscilla Gram Kuehn and Bob Nelson are: Jean Hanson Parr, Dorothy Sorlie, Kathy Turney Schellfeffer & Carolyn Gabrielsen Barstad.

Barbara Harmon Fleming

was unable to attend our 45th reunion, but sent this photo. She has recently retired after teaching nursing for 24 years in California. She plans to be at the 50th.







The Kindergarten Club--A number of the classmates in these pictures have been friends since their Kindergarten days at Bartlett School. Over the years they have met when someone was in town, and they have added some honorary members, too. They are: Judy Finn Schmidt, Carol Bliss Wisehart, Kathy Turney Schellfeffer, Kay Furrer, Priscilla Gram Kuehn, Bette Mencel Wahl, Jean Hanson Parr, & Emma Horstick Hutchens. Can you identify any of them in the Bartlett School pictures?




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