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In Memoriam....
Joseph "Joe" Horel, Jr.


Back row, Rosemary, Tammy   Front row: Joe, Tracy
December 1998

Joe Horel
Fall 1958


Hi everyone,


That's very thoughtful to include Joe on the list for the class reunion.   Enclosed is a family picture taken the Christmas before he passed away.   We surely all miss him very much.   Tammy and Eli have a daughter Faith, who will be 3 years in July.   What a sweetheart.   Joe would have been real proud of her.   Tracy works at Crest House in Siren and Eli is at Marquart's, and Tammy works part time at a beauty shop.   I'm at XMI Silk Ties.


Thanks again for the letter and have a great summer.


Love from the Horels

(From Rosemary, Joe's wife)

Joe's Obituary