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Reunion Survey

In October 2004, each member of the Memorial High School class of 1959 on our mailing list received a questionnaire to help us plan for our 50th reunion in 2009. The responses from the questionnaires have been compiled on this page. There is a difference in numbers for each question because some people did not answer all questions.  If that happened, it was because the person did not have a preference either way, or was not at the 45th Reunion and couldn't answer the question.  A BIG "Thank you" to everyone who returned the questionnaires. Your input will definitely help when we start planning the 50th Reunion. (updated March 8, 2005)


1.  The Reunion Committee is suggesting September 11 & 12, 2009, for our next Class Reunion.
100 people indicated    That's a good idea.  I agree.
6 people indicated       I'd rather have it ... (with various suggestions).
6 people wrote in         I'd rather have it ... just one night
(We will plan to have our 50th Reunion the weekend of September 11-12, 2009.  Reservations can only be made eighteen months prior to the events in the Eau Claire area.  Therefore, look for the final "word" on this in April, 2008.)


2.  Many people have suggested holding the Friday night get-together in a BIG room/HALL at a local Hotel.  It would still be a very casual gathering with a cash bar, but we would have to pay for rental of the room, so there would be a minimal charge of $5.00/$10.00.
83 people indicated    That's a good idea.  I agree.
7 people indicated       I'd rather ... (with various suggestions).


3.  Everyone seems to like the Name Tags.  Would you rather have them:
77 indicated     with high school pictures.
19 indicated     without high school pictures.
One person suggested the names be on the name tag, and we should give everyone a chance to  personalize the name tags with a picture or design.  (That might work too!)


4.  Musical input would be appreciated.
45 people indicated     I liked the 45th reunion without music. Let's do the same thing in 2009.
57 people indicated      I would like some 50's Music playing softly in the background during the evening.  (Many of these answers emphasized the word "softly" by underlining it or circling it.)
9 people indicated         I would like someone like Mickey Lynnes to play for entertainment after dinner and be able to dance. (Three people had a big "NO!" in that blank.)


5.  These questions indicated attendance.  The numbers are:
9 people attended the 45th Reunion on Friday night only.
9 people attended the 45th Reunion on Saturday night only.
54 attended the 45th Reunion both nights.
33 did not attend the 45th Reunion.
101 plan to be at the 50th Reunion.
1 does not plan to be at the 50th Reunion.


6.  Dessert is a controversial issue.
29 people indicated      I want dessert at the Saturday night dinner, and I'm willing to pay for it.
62 people indicated       I don't think dessert is important.



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