Memorial High School Class of 1959
Home of the Old Abes --- Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Trivia Quiz From The 25th Reunion

If you were at the 25th Reunion, perhaps you remember this Trivia Quiz created, then, by Don Larson. Do you remember the answers?



High School Trivia


  1. What was Cy Berg famous for?

  2. What did the football team leave in the library for Mrs. Peterson?

  3. Who was your homeroom teacher?

  4. What was the date we graduated?

  5. How many in our class?

  6. Who did you go to the prom with?

  7. What was the theme of "Senior Skip Day"?

  8. Who was our football coach? (That's easy.)

  9. Who was the basketball coach? (That's easy, too.)



Sports Trivia


  1. Who were the "Boys of Summer"?

  2. Who was the "Golden Boy"?

  3. Who wore the following numbers:  7-4-44-41-5-15-31-13-6? (Lots of right answers for this one.)

  4. Who did they call the Big Dipper?

  5. What position did Hank Aaron play when he played here in Eau Claire in 1952?

  6. Who coached the Green Bay Packers in 1959?

  7. Who was the last batter Don Larsen struck out in the 1956 world series? He pitched a perfect game, by the way.

  8. Who won the world series in 1959?

  9. Who won the super bowl in 1959?

  10. Who holds the NFL record for field goals?

  11. Name some of the great players for the Eau Claire Braves?

  12. Did you know Harry Gibbs retired in April of this year?



Let's Not Forget Radio-TV and Movies - Do You Remember?


All of these?




Howdy Doody and ___________?

Pinky Lee

The $64,000 Question

Mr. Wizard

Mr. Peepers - Wally __________?

Wagon Train - Ward __________?

Mickey Mouse Club

Walt Disney


Gunsmoke - Name the star.


Kukla, Fran & Ollie

Sid Ceaser & __________?

Flash Gordon & __________?

Leave it to Beaver - What were his Mom and Dad's names?

Perry Como

Twilight Zone

The Rifleman

Roy Rogers

Peter Gunn




Captain Midnight - Name the sponsor.

Green Hornet - Name the sponsor.

Sky King - Name the sponsor.

Bobby Benson of the B Bar B

Stella Dallas

Fibber McGee & Molly

Inner Sanctum

Sgt. Preston of the Yukon - Name his dog and the sponsor?

Amos & Andy

Our Miss Brooks

The Shadow

George & Gracie __________?

Bell Telephone Hour



Movie Stars


Marilyn Monroe

John Wayne

Charlton Heston

James Dean

Three Stooges

Laurel & Hardy

Jimmy Stewart

Humphry Bogart

June Allison

Esther Williams

Bud Abbot & Lou Costello

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis

Jane Russell

How many more can you name?





Blackboard Jungle - The Robe - Rear Window

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - East of Eden - Oklahoma

The Thing - Jailhouse Rock - Name your favorites

North by Northwest - Giant

Psycho - Lolita





Roy Rogers *

Gene Autry *

Hopalong Cassidy *

Tom Mix *

Lone Ranger & Tonto

Lash LaRue

Tex Ritter

Cisco Kid & __________?

Red Ryder & __________?

Rex Allen

* Name their horses.



Rock & Roll


  1. What was the date that Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & the Big Bopper died?

  2. What are the Everly Brothers first names?

  3. Who was J. P. Richardson?

  4. Elvis Presley's home town?

  5. What was Buddy Holly's real name?

  6. Name all the Rock 'n Roll stars you saw at Fournier's.

  7. What kind of shoes made Pat Boone famous?

  8. Who coined the phrase "Rock 'n Roll?

  9. What was an "EP"?

  10. Who wrote Blue Suede Shoes?

  11. Who sang Tom Dooley?

  12. Who was playing bass guitar in Buddy Holly's band at Fournier's on January 26, 1959?



Do You Remember These Great Rockers?


Buddy Holly & __________?

Elvis Presley

Jerry Lee Lewis

Fats Domino

Gene Vincent

Johnny & The __________?

Bobby Vee

Duane Eddy

The Champs

Ritchie Valens

Bobby Darin

The Ventures

Bo Diddley

Danny & The __________?



Do You remember These Things?


The Everly Brothers

Dale Hawkins

The Platters

Little __________?

Ricky Nelson

Pat Boone

Sam Cooke

Roy Orbison

Eddie Cochran

The Big Bopper

The Fireballs

The Diamonds

Dion & The __________?

And the Rest is Rock & Roll!!!

3D Glasses

Sock Hops

Hendrickson Hill

Flat tops

Sadie Hawkins Day

Peddle pushers

The Hit Parade

Ed Sullivan Show

American Band Stand

Penny loafers

Senior prom

Baseball cards

Top "40" Lists

Fender skirts

May 37, 1959

Pep Rallies

Bon fires

Heel clips






Soda pop in bottles

First date

Comic books

Cruising the Guts

Seams in nylons

Rod & Gun Park

Knock-knock jokes

Slumber parties

Chippewa Fair

Shrine Circus



The Stroll





Saddle shoes

Pony tails

Cameo Theater


Badger Theater



Still More Memories


Sammy's Pizza

The Hoot

Hollywood Theater

The Passion Pit

Carson Park

Eau Claire Bears & Braves



Luther Hospital

The Doctor who delivered you

Moon hub caps

Poodle skirts

Duck tails

Walter's Beer

All your old girl friends' names?


Dick Bionie - WLS

Sack dresses

Your class ring (Do you still have it?)



Bunny Bread

78 RPMs

The American Legion

Christ Church dances

the "400"

Burma Shave signs

Leinenkugle's Beer

Who was Howard "The Hat"?

"Cool Man Cool"

Dirty jokes

Who took your graduation picture?


All your teachers' names since 1st grade?


All your old boy friends' names?

Senior Skip Day

Davey Crocket Hats


Do You Remember These?

By The Stattler Brothers

On Mercury Records

(Click here to listen to the recording.

You'll need Real Player to listen.)

Saturday morning serials chapters 1 through 15,
Fly paper, penny loafers, Lucky Strike Green.
Flat tops, sock hops, Studebaker, Pepsi Please,
Ahh, do you remember these?

Cigar Bands, on your hand, your daddy's socks rolled down.
Sticks, snow floats and aviator caps with flaps that button down.
Movie stars on Dixie Cup tops, and knickers to your knees,
Ahh, do you remember these?

The Hit Parade, grape Tru-Aid, The Sadie Hawkins Dance,
Pedal pushers, duck tail hair and peggin' your pants.
Howdie-Doodie, Tutti-Frutti, the seam up the back of her hose,
Ahh, do you remember those?

James Dean, he was keen, Sunday movies were taboo,
The Senior Prom, Judy's mom, Rock-n-Roll was new.
Cracker Jack prize, stars in your eyes, as Daddy tore the keys,
Ahh, do you remember these?

The boogey man, lemonade stands, takin' your tonsils out,
Hindenburg, -n- wait your turn, and 4 foul balls you're out.
Cigarette loads, -n- secret codes, -n- savin' lucky stars,
Can you remember back that far?

The boat neck shirts, and fender skirts and crinoline petticoats,
Mum's the word, and a dirty bird and a double root beer float.
Moon hub caps, and loud heel taps, and he's a real gone cat.
Ahh, do you remember that?

Dancin' close, little moron jokes, and cooties in her hair,
Captain Midnight, Ovaltine, and The Whip at the County Fair.
Charles Atlas Course, Roy Roger's Horse, and "only The Shadow knows"
Ahh, do you remember those?

Gable's charm, Frog in your arm, loud mufflers, pitchin' woo,
Going steady, Veronica and Betty, white bucks, and "Blue Suede Shoes"
Knock Knock jokes, and "Who's there?", Dewey, Dewey who?;
Do we, remember these?  Yes, we do, Ahh do we do we remember these?


Good by - Good luck, and may the good Lord take a liken' to you!


Happy Trails to you!


See you in 1989.





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